7 december 2015

euphoria fullscreen resolution fix

So, I bought euphoria (developed by ClockUp, released in the west by Mangagamer), and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. Or should I say, the hell in it. I don’t care much for the kinky and grotesque adult scenes, but the whole setting has got this wonderfully dark vibe and the story is surprisingly good.

(I know, this sounds a lot like the “I read Playboy for the interviews” argument. Don’t judge me.)

There’s one thing that has been bugging me though. On my 1680×1050 monitor, euphoria presents itself in a glorious… 1280×960 resolution when set to full screen. The result: black borders all around, as you can see in the image below:

2015-12-07 16_36_56-GreenshotApparently, I’m not the only one who has this issue. Good thing I found a workaround! Read on for instructions.

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